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Previous Transactions
Hardstone has often provided consulting services to entrepreneurs whose business needs were out of the ordinary. The following are some examples of additional experiences on which Hardstone Capital was founded.
  • Negotiated and provided advisory services to form a marketing alliance between Dow Jones and a Saudi Arabian company to develop and distribute a petroleum and petrochemical database.
  • Negotiated the sale and construction of a complex civilian radio transmitter for the government of the Sharawi Republic in West Africa.
  • Negotiated the purchase of an international communications network for United Press International (UPI).
  • Negotiated the acquisition and arranged the financing for a company that provide tax lien services to counties and municipalities.
  • Negotiated strategic relationships and provided advisory services to a manufacturer of specialized PET imaging equipment.
  • Provided advisory and consulting services for investors on the proposed construction of a floral and perishables auction market at the Miami International Airport.
  • Negotiated and provided advisory services for the sale of an Internet data center.
  • Negotiated and arranged the first-round of venture financing for pioneer internet service provider, Digex, Inc.
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