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Renewable Feedstocks, LLC, (“RF”) creates feedstock for the biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel industry by extracting inedible oils from waste food streams and effluent from livestock slaughter plants. RF has access to waste streams generated throughout the country that it will process at 20 sites using specialized technology to separate and recover the naturally occurring oil in food. The oil collected in this process is approximately 12% of the food waste stream which is a valuable commodity called "yellow grease". The yellow grease is sold as feedstock to the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry to produce biodiesel and diesel fuel, which in turn is sold to major oil companies. These companies are required to purchase renewable fuels under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
Cyclics Corporation has developed and strongly patented a new unique polymer, “CBT,” that permits composites incorporating a complete range of reinforcing fabrics to be produced, in which the polymer matrix is a strong, ductile, solvent-resistant thermo-plastic, replacing the slow-curing brittle epoxy thermo-set that is presently used in most industrial composites.
New York-based Taylor Biomass Energy LLC (“TBE”) recycles construction and demolition debris, waste wood and municipal garbage to feed a revolutionary biomass gasification system. The TBE system uses hot circulating sand to heat the feedstock and convert it into a synthesized fuel gas, which powers a high-efficiency turbine or generator. Taylor has been widely recognized as a pioneer in developing innovative recycling solutions and for maintaining very high operating standards for safety and environmental integrity. In 1995, Taylor Recycling Facility, LLC became one of NY State’s first DEC- approved C&D recycling facilities.
Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI) is an emerging leader in the field of personalized medicine, offering products and services that enable cancer diagnostics as well as treatments that are tailored to the specific genetic profile of the individual. CGI’s cutting-edge proprietary tests and state- of-the-art reference laboratory provide critical genomic information physicians and their patients to diagnose, monitor and inform cancer treatment with an initial focus on developing genetic markers for the early detection of cervical cancer, lymphomas and leukemia
Life Recovery Systems HD, LLC (“LRS”) has developed the ThermoSuit™, a  highly differentiated non-invasive cooling technology to reduce a patient's body temperature in a fraction of the time it takes competing products to do so. The process of rapidly lowering a patient’s temperature in a controlled manner (to about 92o F) during an emergency is called Therapeutic Hypothermia and it can protect the patient from irreparable damage and prevent death caused by a lack of oxygen. Therapeutic hypothermia is now widely regarded as a critical modality in treating cardiac arrest victims.  LRS technology lowers body temperature to the optimum level in roughly 37 minutes, as compared to older cooling pad technology that requires 3-4 hours to reach that level.
Barge America is a multifaceted North American maritime company with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The Company’s affiliate, Yellowhammer Transportation, LLC, located in Mobile, Alabama,provides hopper barge services on the Tenn-Tom and Tennessee Rivers, specializing in the movement of steel, grain, wood products, and aggregates. An acquisition vehicle, BOSH, LLC, was established by Barge America to purchase distressed maritime assets or other specialty inland waterway marine transportation companies.
LWRC International™, LLC was founded to pursue the development of a short-stroke gas-piston operated version of the AR15/M16/M4 family of weapons. These efforts have resulted in our family of M6™ short-stroke, gas-piston operated rifles and carbines, which improve on the direct impingement system by operating cleaner, quieter, and with greater accuracy and do so with greater reliability and longer service life.
Originals Online Limited provided a secure web-based, digital electronic alternative to the movement of paper trade documents e.g. bills of lading, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, cargo manifests etc. These documents are required for the legal transfer of ownership of all goods between trading companies.The Originals Online System was the first electronic negotiable instrument solution available at the time that was fully compliant with all six transferable record criteria of E-Sign and Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) legislation. 
The Game Institute provides professional online training in the field of videogame production and development. The platform includes a complete series of affordable interactive courses and access to an experienced faculty. The curriculum is designed to accommodate students of any skill level, including absolute beginners. In addition to its self-study online learning programs, Game Institute courses are also offered with semester-based scheduling by traditional colleges, universities, and for-profit educational institutions.
Peregrine Financial Group (“PFG” and “PFGBEST”) is one of the largest non-clearing U.S. Futures Commission Merchants, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries. For 13 consecutive years, PFGBEST has been ranked one of the nation's Top 50 Brokers in Futures magazine annual roundup and has approximately $500 million in customer assets in segregated futures and forex accounts. PFGBEST offers managed investments along with its core suite of products including futures, forex, futures options, full-service brokerage, precious metals, trader education, and, of course, direct online trading.
Ride Data Managers, LLC, is a company that was formed by a team of seasoned high-technology industry professionals with the intention to build the next generation of world-class managed and professional services for the enterprise market. Hardstone advised RDM on their bid to purchase the Exodus Communications web hosting assets in the company’s 4Q03 bankruptcy auction.
Hardstone Capital, with Bengur Bryan & Co., advised Corporate Health Dimensions (CHD) and its shareholders on its sale to a joint venture between Zurich Centre Investments Limited (ZC) and International Managed Care Advisors (IMCA). Hardstone identified ZC and IMCA, both based in New York City, as an acquirer for CHD that could provide the resources for CHD to grow and expand its business more rapidly and meet the financial needs of the Company’s shareholders. CHD is a leading health care management and service delivery company which specializes in providing and managing occupational and primary health care facilities and services for large corporate employers. The Company operates approximately 20 on-site corporate sponsored occupational health care facilities, five primary care facilities and one pharmacy for clients throughout the U.S.
The X-Change Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary X-Change Technologies Corp, provides software products and services and creates state-of-the-art Internet solutions using its pioneering technology. WEBIXTRADER is an Internet-based trading System designed by X-Change Technologies Corp to route, execute, and display orders instantaneously in over-the-counter Microcap securities, also known as OTC Bulletin Board securities, in a straight through processing environment (STP).
Cross Border Exchange was founded to streamline the global securities trading and facilitates access to capital markets worldwide. The Company’s secure internet-based platform automates financial transactions across nations, linking the disparate institutions involved in global securities trading and payments, tracking and linking their messages and providing audit trails. Crossbordex product GeoTrades™ automated and tracks end-to-end the execution of cross border securities trades, and GeoPayments™ provided end-to-end tracking and auditing of all the SWIFT messages involved in a global payments.
Oil and gas exploration, in the business form of a 3-D seismic prospect generator integrated traditional geological and geophysical processing of 3-D surveyed areas with techniques evolving from a patented seismic interpretation method known as the Diagnostic Three-Dimensional Seismic Process ("D3DSP*").The endgame is to establish substantial lower 48 oil and gas reserves, with DCFs of hundreds of millions of dollars. This will be accomplished by defining, then selling large 3-D and D3DSP prospects from ninety 3-D seismic surveys and retaining significant carried interests.
Advanced Thermal Systems, Inc. is a privately held company formed to meet the growing demand for new sources of energy by expanding and diversifying its portfolio of clean, economical and renewable geothermal energy assets.
eMagin Corporation is dedicated to virtual imaging solutions that enhance personal access to information-rich data, text, and video. Their competitive advantage is established expertise in advanced microdisplay and optics technology, a proprietary intellectual property base, key strategic partners, and a world-class team of talented individuals. eMagin's strategy is to leverage these core competencies with outsourcing and global partnerships, to position their products to enable whole new segments of the display market through OEMs.
PANACYA provided "intelligent" Service Management software solutions for eBusinesses. Their bAWARE eService Management product was designed to provide real-time fault, capacity, and performance management based an organization's service delivery and business objectives.
Bengur Bryan acted as financial advisor and placement agent for TeraStore in the private placement of preferred stock. TeraStore is developing a non-mechanical, information storage device using next-generation information storage technology.
TheWorkZone, Inc. was a software company dedicated to ameliorating risk in the $200 Billion heavy construction industry. Backed by several industry trade associations, TWZ developed an electronic solution for the handling of documents between contractors and government agencies that sponsor public works projects.
Acted as financial advisor and placement agent for Digex in the private placement of the Company's Series A Preferred Stock. A Hardstone principal served on the Digex Board of Directors prior to the Company's IPO in 1996. As one of the original Internet Service Providers (ISP), Digex hosted Web sites and Web-based applications for businesses and institutions worldwide. The company also provided consulting and enterprise services, such as firewall management and Web site activity reporting.  In 2001, WorldCom acquired Intermedia Communications and gained a majority holding in Digex. In 2003, WorldCom (renamed MCI) acquired the remaining public shares of Digex. The company's products have since been renamed under the Verizon brand.
Yo! is a Software company and Application Service Provider that provides personalization technology for e-commerce web sites.
ClickUpdate provided business to business (B-to-B) e-business solutions on an outsourced basis to Fortune 1000 companies to manage the process for sales and marketing communications. ClickUpdate hosted a suite of applications that provide for digital asset management, electronic catalogs, highly customized production and the output, on-demand, of mission-critical selling material. provides web-based retirement plan administration services. The Company operates on an Application Service Provider ("ASP") model, providing on-line set-up, record keeping and transaction management services for financial services partners including broker dealers, fund companies, banks and insurance companies that provide 401(k), 403(b) and 457 retirement plans to employers.