Don't let the COVID-19 Shutdown Kill Your Dream

Learn whether the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (“SBRA”) Subchapter V can help you buy the time you need to rebuild your business.

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I provide discreet business advice to small and medium-sized companies [1] that have become financially distressed due to the COVID-19 Shutdown. I prepare business owners for the difficult task of restructuring their debt in order to avoid a Chapter 7 liquidation. My process begins by gaining a full understanding of how the business arrived at its current financial situation and then reviewing with the owners and their legal counsel the range of options available to restructure and get back on their feet.

Our formal engagement involves helping you populate a digital data vault with the vast amount of disclosure documentation and financial information that your bankruptcy attorney will need in order to negotiate relief from your creditors, regardless of whether or not you actually file a Bankruptcy petition. Once this critical data-gathering work is done, you will have taken the first crucial step on your journey to financial recovery.


I work in concert with your attorney or accountant or I can help you in the process of choosing a bankruptcy attorney or turnaround advisor by researching firms in your region who have experience in your industry. I will then arrange a free initial consultation for you with the attorney you select by phone or Zoom conference.

During the bankruptcy attorney consultation business owners will learn about the potential benefits of using “Subchapter V” of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code as a streamlined and cost effective method for small to medium-sized enterprises to restructure their liabilities and to buy time needed to recover from the devastating personal and financial effects of the Covid-19 Shutdown. Our clients include SME’s, corporate boards, law firms, turn-around advisors, venture capital and private equity firms, and distressed investors.

[1] Private companies with less than $7.5 million of secured and unsecured debt.

“How Did You Go Bankrupt?
Two Ways. Gradually and Then Suddenly.”

– Ernest Hemingway, U.S. author

Common symptoms of a distressed company include:

COVID-19 Shutdown Syndrome

Cash flow problems

Operating losses for consecutive years

Lender fatigue

COVID Shutdown

Industries impacted and are experiencing financial pressure from the COVID Shutdown that could utilize SBRA to restructure:

  • Restaurant and hospitality businesses
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Gyms, fitness clubs and sports facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Retail stores
  • Car dealers
  • Construction companies
With over 50 years in business, I’ve learned important survival lessons from the battlefront that will benefit business owners who are trying to survive the unprecedented economic, social and political turmoil that we are all living through these days.

Tom McKiernan, Managing Partner, Hardstone Capital, LLC

I came out of semi-retirement in March 2020 to do my part to help small and medium sized business owners get through the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Shutdown. I am a seasoned Wall Street veteran and entrepreneur who has enjoyed a versatile 50 + year career that began on the marketing side of the oil business and evolved into senior level executive positions on Wall Street as an oil trader, an investment banker, CEO of an electronic market startup, head of two global institutional energy futures brokering desks, a board member, and founder of Hardstone Capital, a strategic business development and corporate finance advisor to start-ups, emerging growth and middle-market companies for the past 23 years.

For a more complete description of my background, please go to my LinkedIn Profile.